A History of Michlig AgriCenter, Inc.

Founded in 1963 as Phil-Rich Ag Service, Phil Benner and Richard Oloffson saw an opportunity to begin a feed business in western Bureau County. Shortly thereafter, Dick Oloffson purchased the other half of the business and renamed it Rich’s Ag Service. Adding a fertilizer business in the late 1960’s, Dick took his first step into the agronomy sector. By 1979, Joe Michlig joined forces with Dick, and the business stepped further into retail chemicals, trucking, and grain drying. In the early 1980’s, a grain site was added just south of Manlius on IL Hwy 40, to be followed with a bulk LP and fuel in the years to come.

 Joe Michlig’s son-in-law, Don King, joined the company in 1983. In 1988, Joe purchased the business from Dick, and renamed the business Michlig AgriCenter, Inc. Don gained experience in various areas of the business and eventually became General Manager. In 1993-94, a facility was added in Cambridge and a chemical containment shed was built in Manlius. Two years later, Don purchased the company from Joe.

Don continued to grow the business in the years to come as he bought NBC Grain in Cambridge (1999), TWAG in Walnut (2000), added CGB Sheffield (2002), and Franklin Grove (2004). In 2006 grain facilities were added in Bradford, Broadmoor and Mineral. With the addition of these facilities, Michlig Ag employed over 70 full time staff, many of whom have been valuable employees for several years.


In the summer of 2011, Don and Val made the tough decision to sell the agronomy unit of Michlig Ag to Crop Production Services (CPS).  At the same time, Steven Michlig purchased the petroleum group to form Michlig Energy.  We wish both CPS and Michlig Energy, our former co-workers, the best of luck and continued success in serving the communities we live and work.

With the sale of the agronomy and energy divisions, Michlig Grain, LLC was formed, and much like the Michlig Ag days, Don and Val have been committed to growing with our customers. In 2012, we overhauled the Cambridge elevator along Route 81, and have been continually updating the facility. In 2013, we built a new elevator at our Bradford location after a windstorm destoryed the old facility. We have been updating and growing that facility as well. In 2016, we updated and added storage to our Mineral facility. In 2017, Don decided to purchase the Sheffield and Deer Grove elevators from CGB.  

Today Michlig Grain’s facilities are much different from the original business founded over fifty years ago; however, our message and goals remain the same.


We believe that our business philosophy is different from most ag businesses. We are committed to responding to the needs of our customers. Our focus is to provide service and products that bring value to their businesses. As a company, we seek opportunities to generate revenue for the communities of our customers.

The employees of Michlig Grain feel a sincere commitment to their customers and their local communities. They have a strong desire to be the best supplier of marketing knowledge and grain storage, while being a business confidant to your operation.  We are eager to be involved in their communities through volunteerism.

We pledge to continue adapting and growing to fit our customers’ needs, and to assist our communities where we live and do business.

We are grateful to our existing customers who have allowed us to be a part of their business, and we look forward to earning the opportunity to serve new customers.

Don King
Owner, Michlig Grain LLC

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