Welcome to Michlig Grain LLC's Grain page! We will continue to update our site daily with our closing cash prices and give you the opportunity to read additional articles that will have an impact on your bottom line.

Our job at Michlig Grain for you, the grower, is threefold. First, we need to provide competitive grain bids for today and the future. We are continually looking for ways to mitigate your risk for the 2019 and 2020 crops. Second, for our growers that utilize our grain facilities, we need to provide quick, efficient dumping capacity at harvest with timely payments. And third, our merchandising team needs to provide our end users, terminals, and ethanol plants with timely shipment of high quality grain. 

 Please look through your cash flow to see what today's grain prices will generate for revenue on your individual operation. Each of our grain staff has the tools to help you and your marketing plan for the old crop, new crop, and future years to come. If you need help with your cash flow analysis, do not hesitate to call us.

To get a free version of Adobe Acrobat reader to view the bids, click here. If you have a dialup internet connection, or your computer is a "few" years old click here to download Foxit, an alternative PDF file reader. 


Click here to see today's closing prices.

Please note that the closing cash bids are for informative purposes and are subject to change without notice. Please contact your Michlig Grain Staff to get pricing confirmation.



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